Samsung Galaxy S6 Vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4: The Strategy of Samsung in 2014

Samsung Galaxy S6 Vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4: The Strategy of Samsung in 2014. Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy Note 4 are both the most awaited devices of 2014. After the launch of Samsung Galaxy S5, the major telecommunication brand is now focussing in its upcoming ventures. The previous versions of both these models have been up to the expectations and have fully satisfied people in terms of vale and money. Now smart phone users are looking forward to the launch of the bigger versions of these two phones.
Let us go through the expected specifications of each of these phones and see if the features of each of the phones stand out to our anticipations this time or not.

Display- The War of Large Sizes
Notes as the name suggests are meant to be phablets. Therefore the display screen size is usually larger as compared to other smart phones. Note 4 will have a display size of 5.7” having a super AMOLED display. On the other hand, S6 from Samsung will stick to its size as that of the previous version, which is 5.5”. It will have Touch Wiz and Floating Widget interface.

Camera Functionalities
Galaxy Note 4 will have two cameras in the front and rear area. While the primary camera will be of 20 MP, the secondary will be of 3 MP. There will be the ISOCELL technology and optical image stabilization properties in the camera with 4K video recording Samsung Galaxy S6 on the other hand will exceed all the previous versions of camera resolution with a primary camera that will be of 21 MP and secondary which will range from 4-7 MP. It will also have optical image stabilization and 4K video recording.

Memory- the Stronger, the better
The Note 4 will have an internal memory of 32/64 GB which will be come in different prices accordingly. The expandable memory will be up to 64 GB. A RAM size of 4 GB will be incorporated into the phone for better user support. Samsung Galaxy S6 will have an internal memory of 32 GB and the external card slot can be filled up to 128 GB. This version of S-series will have a RAM size of 4 GB as well.

Operating System- Fight for the latest Version
Samsung will enhance the operating systems for both the phones to the next higher level. However for Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Android Version 5.0 will be used and the same for Samsung Galaxy S6 will be Android 6.0.

Heavy Duty Battery
Heavy battery life is something devoid of which a smart phone has no use. Enhancements are beings brought up such that the battery life can be extended. The Note4 will come with a heavy duty Li-Ion battery of 3,600mAH and S6 will have a battery of 3,800mAH.

User Interface
The interface of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will have Touch Wiz UI with floating icons and Halo style. The same for Samsung Galaxy S6 will also have Touch Wiz user interface with floating icons, blink to click photograph options and floating widgets.

Connectivity Features
Both the phones will have 2G/3G/4G LTE connectivity. However S6 will have 5G options as well. Both will have Bluetooth version 5.0 and will support Wi-Max. These phones will be enhanced with advanced features such as wireless charging for making remote charging possible.
Different anticipations are being made before the launch of the phones. For these smart phones to come into the market there is still a long time to go. All we can do now is wait till these phones come into the market. The above features are anticipated ones. They might vary actually with few figures. 

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This article has written by Sanjay Kumar Negi. He is an entrepreneur and likes to write articles on technology and science.

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