Avoid Top 10 Common Mistakes In LinkedIn

To Avoid Top 10 Common Mistakes In LinkedIn. Only few people are know that LinkedIn is the top most social network in the professional network. We have to improve work on keywords, because Keywords is most important thing for your profile. Employers can list jobs and search for potential candidates. Job seekers can review the profile of hiring managers and discover which of their existing contacts can introduce them.

1. Incomplete Profile: 
Don't update incomplete profile. Incomplete profile is like incomplete picture about you. You should have update every field in LinkedIn like skills, work, Experience, Education, Current position, Summary, Projects. When any member visit your profile they recognized you by your profile keywords and expertise will find you easier. 
The "summary" section of your LinkedIn profile could be the biggest missed opportunity for the majority of job seekers, Alba says. While this section has a 2,000 character limit.

2. Unprofessional profile pic:
Update your professional with your profile photo. Don't add husband,wife, baby, pets in your LinkedIn profile pic. Your added photo in LinkedIn means professional. Be always use professional photos of yours.

3. Skip the status:
Twitter and Facebook are so different than LinkedIn to update status. In Twitter and Facebook you can tweet and post your thinks, idea, but in LinkedIn status is the right place to update your professional process. Don't ignore & skip your endorse connections
Do remember update your status as regular wise.

4. Don't ignore Invitation: 
When you like to invite connect on LinkedIn you are not personalize Linked connections requests. Like example when we connect on LinkedIn "I'd like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn."
Just give a few minutes to write something personalized. because this message feel like to less spammy.

5. Neglect LinkedIn Groups:
Members are neglect LinkedIn groups. Join appropriate groups and its great for job hunters, participate in discussions, and start your own conversations. Post articles and information that will be helpful to members.

6. Label Your website and Blog:
We can update our company website, personal website or blog to list in the profile. when you edit your "websites" section, LinkedIn provides a drop down menu. You can update company website, personal website or blog to list in the profile. when you edit your websites section, LinkedIn provides a drop down menu. Click "other," and you can paste the link with your website title and my blog title.

7. Default LinkedIn Profile URL:
Update your LinkedIn URL. People haven't change the default URL which provide by LinkedIn. Just think if you want to give your LinkedIn ID to other people on your business card, SMS then you can't be provide your default LinkedIn profile link. 

8. Lack of Connectivity With Groups:
Join the groups with your same professional field group. Take part in discussion and share your problems, knowledge and information. To join groups you can update in your profession. You can clear your hesitation with group members.

9. Connect With Twitter:
As you can see, when we share our status then its open check-box for directly tweet same status to their Twitter. You can publish every LinkedIn Status with tweet. It depends on you where you want to share your LinkedIn status with tweet or not. Ofcus we can not share every status with twitter.  But there is an option to connect your status to tweet.

10. Asking for Recommendation:
You can asking for recommendation by your friend. Its look good at your LinkedIn profile to improve the quality. They will tell about success story in brief about you via recommendation. 

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