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Facebook Is Going To Stop Their Email And Windows Messaging Service

Facebook is going to stop their Email And Windows Messaging Service. When Facebook was launched their email service in 2010, company think it will more help to user to get more Facebook email service experience. But unfortunately Facebook didn't get any profit by email system service. Now the company want to remove email service and will focus on mobile messaging experience. 

"We're notifying people who use their email that the feature is changing," the company spokesman said.

"When someone sends you an email to your address, it will no longer go to your Messages on Facebook. Instead, the email will be forwarded to the primary email address on your account. (People have the option to turn forwarding off.)"

So now don't forward your Facebook email address to other it will no use from now.

As well as Facebook is also going to stop it's Windows Messaging service by 3rd March.

“We’re sorry, but we can no longer support Facebook Messenger for Windows, and it will stop working on March 3, 2014,” the message states at the top of the application. “We really appreciate you using Messenger to reach your friends, and we want to make sure you know that you can keep chatting and view all your messages on Learn more.”

Windows Messenger was released on March 2012, so after 2 years company kills their Windows messaging service. Now Facebook messenger is only available for Android & iOS on their official website , not for windows.

Company did this announcement after they bought WhatsApp For $16 Billion including $4 billion in cash and approximately $12 billion worth of Facebook shares. The agreement also provides for an additional $3 billion in restricted stock units to be granted to WhatsApp’s founders and employees that will vest over four years subsequent to closing.

Source: TNWThe Verge

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