Boeing is Launching High Security Android Smartphone

Boeing is launching High Security Android Smartphone. Boeing said they were working on this project last two years. Its built for AT&T's LTE and HSPA networks. Its designed with security and modularity in mind to ensure the users. It runs on Android platform. Its slightly larger than iPhone, uses dual Sim Card. Security is powered by Boeing PureSecure . Its height 131.9mm ,width 67.6 mm and weight is 169.5g and assembled in the USA. Its sample purchase contract have submitted to FCC.

Key Features:

   - Android™ Operating System: Convenient smartphone for Android usage
   - Disk Encryption: Encrypted storage for sensitive data
   - Hardware Root of Trust: Ensures software authenticity
   - Hardware Crypto Engine: Protects stored and transmitted data
   - Embedded Secure Components: Enables trusted operations
   - Trusted Platform Modules: Provides secure key storage
   - Secure Boot: Maintains device image integrity
   - Hardware Modularity: Endless modularity capabilities

Boieng Black smartphone will be sold to government and defense agencies. Support USB, HDMI and PDMI ports. Boeing haven't alone to launch security smartphone. Blackphone was launched in Mobile World Congress 2014 at Barcelona whose price approximately for $630.

Boeing mostly designs, manufactures and sells fixed-wing aircraft, rotorcraft, rockets and satellites and provides leasing and product support services. Boeing is among the largest global aircraft manufacturers.
Boeing is organized into five primary divisions: Boeing Commercial Airplanes (BCA); Boeing Defense, Space & Security (BDS); Engineering, Operations & Technology; Boeing Capital; and Boeing Shared Services Group. Now its launching high security Android Smartphones.


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Source: Boieng
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