Fliwer To Communicate Your Plants Via Wi-Fi

Fliwer, the new way to communicate your plants via Wi-Fi, They have wearable sensors that monitor everything about us. Our health, our activity, and even our sleeping patterns. But what if we could use those same sensors to monitor what matters most to this world, plants. Two years in the making, we've finally done it with Fliwer company said.

Fliwer monitors everything about your plants: soil moisture, light, temperature, air humidity, fertilizer, etc.  Fliwer will not just tell you when to water your plants, it will also tell you when you should fertilize, prune, harvest or expect the plants to flower.

We even made the devices social, so you can learn, chat, and share useful tips with our worldwide community. Fliwer takes care of your plants efficiently, using smart sensors and advanced technology, from your smartphone, tablet or PC.

New way to communicate

    --> You could communicate to your plants and know what they need as well as when and how they need it. 

   --> You could have a personal gardener who tells you what tasks to do to have your plants in their optimal status or alert you if something goes wrong. 

   -->  Remotely control your plants from any device connected to the Internet. 

   -->  You could care for your plants based on knowledge instead of intuition. 

   --> Optimize the irrigation and save water. Fliwer will water your plants only when they need it, thus promoting sustainability.  

   --> The system is connected to meteorological services to take into account weather forecast in the maintenance of your plants.

Fliwer Sensor is an electronic device which is placed next to the plant or group of plants you want to take care of, and its function is to control the vital parameters and its environment via intelligent sensors. It can water its area with an irrigation valve, which is inside the device.

 It can measure the amount of light the plant is receiving. Fliwer Sensor has been designed and made to handle extreme conditions. An air humidity sensor is placed in the back of the device. It allows the measure of the environmental humidity. Soil moisture sensor based on the volumetric water content (VWC), it  is one of the most important parameters to keep the plant healthy. Fliwer uses long distance wireless technology. Fliwer Sensor communicates with other devices on the system network. 

Fliwer Sensor includes a Li-ION battery ready to work at extreme conditions. Its completely Waterproof technology. USB port allows you to charge Fliwer Sensor using the micro-USB connector that Fliwer Sensor has at the rear cover.

This project presently on Kickstarter.


Source: Kickstarter

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