The World Can See Your Dreams

The World Can See Your Dreams. Who haven't woke up one morning and said, “Wow...that was a messed up dream?”  Well, we may soon be able to relive our dreams - the good, the bad, and the just plain weird. Scientists in Japan have developed a dream-reading machine that has, to this point, visually depicted users dreams with 60 percent accuracy

Before you jump on a Japan-bound plane to have your dreams read, understand this, the machine does not record a seamless video of the dream. What it does is use MRI, EEG, learning software, a cache of images from the Internet and a special algorithm to correlate images to the measured brain activity and comprise a rough estimate as to what the subject was dreaming. 

Long story short, the result is a fast-paced slideshow of images.

Obviously, there is still much refining to do before most people will be blown away by the results of the software. Right now, it is really only able to distinguish between a person and a place. The next step is having choose between specific images of people or places for more accurate readings. 

Researchers hope this is only the first step and that more sophisticated analysis will be possible in the near future. 

The Smithsonian makes an interesting observation: our dreams have always seemed like private experience, yet they produce consistent, analytical data for others. Further proof that we have a long way to go before we fully understand the complexity of the human mind.

About The Author:
This article has written by Brandon Smith and by the editorial team at Fueled, NYC's premier Android app design agency. 

Image Credit: Cemyra D'costa

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