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Google Doodle Celebrates Google 15th Anniversary

Google Doodle Celebrates Google 15th Anniversary. This Doodle is based on a Mexican pinata. Google was founded by Larry page and Sergey Brin in 1998, who is the students of stanford university. Google as a privately held company on September 4, 1998. but Google celebrates their anniversary on 27 September.
The letters of Google logo are depicted as guests of the birthday party except the 4th letter 'g'. 4th letter 'g' of the logo is blindfolded and it hits the swinging pinata with a stick. 3rd Letter is represent to Birthday cake and candles are burn on the cake. 

Google also offers online productivity software including email (Gmail), an office suite (Google Drive), and social networking (Google+). Desktop products include applications for web browsing, organizing and editing photos, and instant messaging. The company leads the development of the Android mobile operating system and the browser-only Chrome OS for a specialized type of netbook known as a Chromebook.

When we played with Google Doodle then results are below: 

According to Alexa is the top #1 rank in the world. Google was announced it had earned $50 billion in annual revenue for the year of 2012.

Google also started service bug bounty programs for hackers to increase their security, hackers can directly submit vulnerability to [email protected] 

Source: Wikipedia

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