What Phony Psychics Pick Up About You From Your Smartphone

You have probably heard the expression "You can't judge a book by its cover". Well books and phones are a little different, because as you will see, there are several correlations between a smartphone and the user's personality. These are generalizations and may not always prove correct, but everything from the type of device to its screen can provide clues into the nature of the smartphone owner's personality and lifestyle.

BlackBerry Users are Business-Savvy and Eco-Conscious

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Say you’re a dedicated BlackBerry user and proudly sport your BlackBerry 9310 everywhere you go. Even a phony psychic could predict that you’re serious about your career and want to be taken seriously by those around you. BlackBerry smartphones were the first to be widely accepted for enterprise use and among the first smartphones issued by corporations for business. Their sleek designs and accessible keyboards make BlackBerry's one of the most sought after phones on the market. BlackBerry smartphone users are also more likely to be eco-conscious than users of other smartphone brands. A survey by Retrevo indicates that BlackBerry smartphone owners are more likely to recycle their old devices than other smartphone users. As the initial forward thinking phone, the people who own them also practice the same principles.

Your Smartphone Can Give Away Your Age

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Phony psychics are skilled in picking up on subtle clues that can indicate something about the subject’s personality. They also speak in vague terms to improve their odds of being accurate. Guessing your age is an easy thing to do based on your appearance, but your smartphone can also be a predictor. Most BlackBerry smartphone users are between the ages of 37 to 55, for example, while users of other devices tend to be younger.

Customization and the Bling Factor

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Your smartphone can indicate a few things about your lifestyle, but the way you outfit your device can be a bigger indication of your personality. Is your smartphone blinged out with rhinestones and glitter? This can indicate that you have a fun-loving personality and you care deeply about your appearance. On the other hand, a subtle cover on your device can indicate that you’re more reserved. These users tend to care about other people’s perception of their accomplishments than their physical appearance. They also tend to be more business-oriented. Have you ever heard someone's ringtone go off while at the mall or coffee shop? This is a direct indication of a person's personality. Depending on the genre of music they chose for their ringtone you immediately can assess a lot about them. If they are listening to the latest Justin Beiber song, you can infer they are into pop culture and trendy fads. Music says a lot about a person and someone who openly expresses their musical interest is well aware of what they are portraying.

App Organization is Telling of Your Priorities

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A smartphone screen visible to a phony psychic can provide deep insights into your daily routine and priorities. Most users tend to organize their app icons in order of importance. If your social networking icons are the first and most easily accessible icons on your screen, any would- be psychic may guess that you’re an avid social media user. Likewise, if your text messaging or phone icon has premier real estate, you’re likely a very social person. You’d be surprised how many small details a savvy psychic picks up on and uses to fool you into thinking they’re legit. Your smartphone is just one of many.   

 Author Bio: My name is DJ and I am a graduate student and freelance content writer. I'm an outspoken gadget geek and huge gamer. When I'm not at home writing or playing Xbox, I am playing with my new BlackBerry 9310.

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