Randi Zuckerberg Family Photo Leaked On Twitter

Randi Zuckerberg Family Photo Leaked On Twitter. Facebook Founder 
Mark Zuckerberg sister, Randi Zuckerberg who the Former marketing director of Facebook and Currently Founder & CEO of Zuckerberg Media, posted her private photo of family on Facebook to the checking new site Poke App, But pic was leaked and tweeted by @cschweitz Callie Schweitzer, she is a marketing director at Vox Media share her private pic on twitter.
But after Randi Zuckerberg was angry, Callie apologize and deleted pic from twitter. Callie thought that she subscribes to Randi updates but Actually Callie is friends with Randi sister who was tagged in the shot that's behind the reason she saw Mark Zuckerberg sister private photo. 

At the end Carlie apologised for tweet and deleted the original photo. 

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