New Generation Intel Ultrabook Convertible Review

Intel introduce new generation Ultrabook Convertible with the ultra responsive, Ultrabook which is inspired by Intel . You’ll get experience the joy of performance the tablet or laptop together that keeps up with you. It’s the optimal combination of responsiveness and smart capabilities you want. And with many models now featuring touch screen and convertible designs, the Ultrabook is now more intuitive and flexible than ever. 


Enjoy your expereience your movies , games with Intel® Turbo Boost Technology 2.0,2 and enjoy the slim, light look of Ultrabook™ design that’s less than an inch thick. Ultrabook has control at your fingertips with touch, click or swipe. and enjoy your moments with Windows 8 experience tablet or PC together .. As the memory ultrabook use low power of intel Core processor. In ultrabook device technology included new security features like Intel Anti Theft and Identity Protection technology. If you lost or stolen ultrabook by someone then smart technology hardware helps to protect your device from anywhere in the world.

Source: Intel

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