Controlling The Christmas Tree Lights With Your iPhone

Controlling the lights of the Christmas tree with the iPod, iPhone and ipad touch is possible now. You can dazzle your family and friends with the awesome lighting pattern after setting it up in a few hours. Remember, there is not any miraculous single iPhone application to control the entire setup. The iPhone Application communicates with the control network. In other words, you need a light controller network; the iPhone will connect to this network for the proper operation of the lights. 

Configuration of the control network

A control network doesn’t only manage the Christmas tree lights but also do other things. You can use the control network to automate any kind of the light in your house, manage thermostat and program appliances to run at specific times and also lock the doors.
This system is not expensive, anyone can get it as little as $125. A module to control your tree lights is available for only $50. The Smarthome Insteon SmartLinc is one of the most effective and affordable control available.
An Insteon home control network is easy to install, you just need plug a SmartLinc controller into an outlet and attack it with the home router. After that, a simple web-based wizard can be used to configure this control network. One important thing to note, all this setup requires the WI-Fi network.

Plugging in the module

The next step involves the plugging the modules in the Insteon LampLinc, then you have to connect the LampLinc to the control network. You can do all the step involve in just a few hours. You can control the light with the web browser on your iPhone. This configuration will allow you to turn lights on and off whenever you want; you can also program the lights for the certain period. Here are certain iPhone and iPad app which can also perform the controlling task. It is totally up to you to choose the web browser or the application. One of the efficient such application is "Home Guru", you can get this application on the on the iTunes Store.
Controlling the tree lights with an iPhone sound good and is fine enough for impressing everyone in the house. You can easily get your lights go on and off automatically and it is probably a bigger plus. By this configuration you can expect automatic turning off the light at night.

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