Apple And Erricson Files Patent Claim And Sues Against Samsung

Apple And Ericsson Files Patent Claim and Sues Against Samsung, Mostly Samsung targeted for Patent Cases.
Samsung has refused to renew a licensing deal covering "hundreds" of Ericssons patented innovation within several wireless technologies, such as fourth generation long term evolution and Wi-Fi Technology. We have more than 100 cross licensing agreements with various companies in the telecome industry. All the large consumer electronics companies apart from Samsung have signed licensing agreements with us." Said Kasim Alfalahi Chief intellectual property officer.

Ericsson is the world largest maker of mobile network and it has more than 30,000 patents. Ericsson spent 15% costs on research and development. Company said in lawsuit that samsung has sold " hundred of millions of unlicensed cellular handsets, smartphones, tablet computers and television" since it agreement with Ericsson expired last year.
Complaint is filed in the District Court for the Eastern District of Texas.

Whereas Apple Inc. again add patent infringement lawsuit On Samsung. Apple has asked to court for permission to add six Samsung products are Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, Rugby Pro and Galaxy 3 mini. Apple claims in the filing the device is being sold in US through unofficial channels. According to court documents filed with US District Court for the Northern  District of California.

Apple already had claimed on Samsung where Apple Won $1.05 billion In Patent Case Against Samsung

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