New Technology Has Developed Petrol From Air And Water

A small company of North England has developed Air Capture technology to create synthetic petrol by using only air. Air Fuel Synthesis (AFS) Engineers said they have produced 5 Lt. of synthetic petrol over a period of three months. This technique involves extracting Carbon di oxide Co2 from air and hydrogen from water and combining them in a reactor with a catalyst to make methanol, Then methanol is converted into petrol, its possible to create carbon-neutral fuel which can be used in an identical way to standard petrol by using renewal energy. It's actually cleaner because its synthetic.

Mr. Peter Harisson CEO of AFS said "Its actually cleaner because its synthetic". You just make what you need to make in terms of the contents of it, so it doesn't contain what might be seen as pollutants like sulphur. We can't make the petrol at pump prices, but we will do eventually, All we need is renewable enrgy to make it, ans so when oil becomes a problem we will be able to make a contribution to keep cars moving or to keep aeroplanes moving."
The work is for two years project cost around 1 million pounds.
Now AFS plans to build a commercial plant in next two years that will produce around 1200 Lts a day of specialist fuels for the motorsports sector said Mr. Harrison.

Source: Reuters 

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