4 Apps to Keep Your Mobile Devices Secure

Smart phones, Tablets, and other mobile devices have become much more than convenient ways to check our e-mail or entertaining gadgets to help us pass the time while we're waiting for our flights. They are becoming more and more sophisticated tools that are being used to conduct all our personal business, from online banking to blogging to management of personal finances. Keeping those devices secure is critical to protect personal information. Fortunately, there are a number of apps available that make this job easy. Here are 4 apps that you can use to keep your mobile devices secure and your personal information protected

Create an encrypted folder on your phone that can store photos, videos, contacts, notes, bookmarks, passwords, and other personal information. This information is hidden from other programs on your phone, protecting it in case your phone is compromised.

Add military-grade encryption to your phone calls to ensure that your private conversations cannot be tapped. The VoIP software only works if you and the other caller both have the app installed and activated. We're not sure why you would need to encrypt your calls like this, but with the proliferation of free wi-fi networks, you never know who is picking up what from your phone.

Whenever you scan a QR code with your phone, your phone automatically connects with that site. This can be bad for your phone's security if hackers use the codes to take you to malicious sites. You can use this app to preview the site and get information about its safety before you visit it.

This top-rated anti-virus program is also a mobile app to keep your smart phone or tablet secure. The app includes the malware for which the program is known, as well as a remote cell phone tracker/locator. Not only will you protect your phone against viruses and phishing sites, but you'll also protect your data in case your phone is ever lost or stolen.
There are many more security apps available for your smart phone or tablet that can protect it against viruses and keep your data safe. What apps do you use to keep your mobile devices secure? Share your picks in the comments!

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