Alert: 9th July The Internet "Doomsday" DNS Malware

On 9th july DNS Changer malware will infect your computer.. When users enter the website name on web browser..then there computer first contact to DNS server, If users computers have the wrong DNS settings for the servers, then they will not be able to access any websites. On Nov. 8 the NASA-OIG and Estonian police arrested several cyber criminals in “Operation Ghost Click”. The criminals operated under the company name “Rove Digital”, and distributed DNS changing viruses, variously known as TDSS, Alureon, TidServ and TDL4 viruses, said FBI Press Release. Now the FBI set up partership with DCWG to inform the users about this Malware..

According to dailymailThis malware can change your DNS while using internet, when FBi has detected this malware they set up 'surrogate' server to keep the infect PCs working but Around 350,000 PC users have machines infected with an invisible, undetectable 'Trojan' computer virus called DNSChanager.
'If we just pulled the plug on their criminal infrastructure, the victims were going to be without internet service,' said Tom Grasso, an FBI agent talking to Fox News. 
The botnet operated by Rove Digital altered user DNS settings, pointing victims to malicious DNS in data centers in Estonia, New York, and Chicago. The malicious DNS servers would give fake, malicious answers, altering user searches, and promoting fake and dangerous products. Because every web search starts with DNS, so we have to be alert by fake websites or fake DNS servers.. if you are victim of this malware then use this link for Protect and Fix.. or you want to know whether you are victim or not then use this web link for Detect.. For more information go to DCWG website.

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