Facebook Has Launched Wordpress Plugin Tool

Now you can enable facebook on wordpress for make your site social more clicks with Plugin Facebook for Wordpress, And there is no need to coding, This product App also be work on MobilesThis plugin allow administrator of Wordpress for cross publish content to Wordpress at their Facebook Timeline and Pages. 
But its all Depending on your settings, it will also appear on Facebook Timelines including
  • The author's Facebook Timeline as an Open Graph action.
  • Any Facebook friends or pages' Timeline that was mentioned as part of the post.
  • A Facebook Page of your choosing, where all of your site's content is published once it's live.

This plugin help to allow your wordpress content to the facebook in one click and will helpful for connect your visitors, whereas Big Social media website are already using this plugin like Techcrunch.  Now will see how this tool will help for increase wordpress visitors for their publishers.

Source: Facebook

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