And Now a Facebook Smartphone!

After Google's Nexus, The Mark Zuckerberg's team is all set to woo the increasing Population of Facebook addicts by a new Facebook smartphone. While the work is started and Zuckerberg has been said to call upon a team of experts who have previously worked for the Apple products like the iPhone and the ipad. These software and hardware engineers are being expected to bring out the phone worth dreaming about by the end of this year.
The interesting fact is that the phone is not being designed by acquiring a manufacturer like Google did. Rather Facebook, now a public company, is taking this opportunity to fill their pockets. Seems fair when all the apps Facebook provides are free in the market, where from the revenue should come.
The phone will come preloaded with the native Facebook app, Instragram, and Facebook Messenger along with further Facebook integration. Plus this smartphone is really a smart one, for those who go for looks, it won't disappoint you. The big 4.2 inch display is something fantastic!
As expected, this is surely painted blue and has a unibody metal chassis and with blunt edges. The phone will have an 8-megapixel main camera and a high-resolution 5-megapixel front-facing camera for sharp video chats too. This is a perfect pick for all Facebook lovers! We just hope the price tag comes a little handy.

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