Why is a Smartphone Better for Social Media Purposes than Just a Laptop?

  Smartphones have an obvious advantage over laptops when it comes to getting online -- you can't carry a laptop in your pocket. 

From a smartphone with a cellular network, you can get online to do social media from nearly anywhere, provided you are not out in the boondocks. 

In addition to their near ubiquitous access to an Internet connection, business cell phones have several advantages to laptops when it comes to interacting with your social network. 

 While Facebook allows users to add a location to any post, it's only possible to complete a check-in to a local business or other location via a mobile device.  A check-in shows exactly where you are, thanks to your phone's GPS capabilities, and a link to the company's social networking profile when they've provided one. 

If you want to check in to a business, or encourage your consumers to do a check-in at your establishment, there must be a smartphone involved. Some businesses offer a sort of incentive, such as a discount, for users who check-in. When the check-in shows up on the user's news feed, the business gets some free advertising, so it's a win-win situation.

    Some of your best ideas for a Facebook post may strike you while you are stuck in bumper to bumper traffic, or waiting for a friend at a restaurant. If you're only using your laptop to engage in social media, you'll have to jot down some notes on your idea and hope you remember to create the post later. 

A smartphone app, like the Blackberry Facebook application or the iPhone's Twitter app, means that you can sign on in just a few seconds and update your profile right then and there. You won't have to risk forgetting about the idea altogehter or posting it so late that its relevancy has subsided. 

With a smartphone for social media, you can conduct a live-blog from almost anywhere, giving your followers an opportunity for a real time conversation. Since most social media users crave instant gratification, the smartphone helps you deliver the immediacy they're looking for from someone they follow on a social network.

    Whether you use social media for professional or personal use, it's important to understand how your public uses social media to connect with you. For more information about how smartphones have become an integral part of the social media process, check out this article from Zook-It.

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