Google Celebrate Zipper Man Gideon Sundback 132nd Birthday

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Google Celebrate Zipper Man Gideon Sundbäck 132nd Birthday
Today, Google Celebrate Gideon Sundbäck 132nd Birthday in Google Doodle, when will you be open then its opens attractive look with Horizantal zip. Gideon Sundback has also called by zipper man.
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Gideon Sundback (April 24, 1880 – June 21, 1954) was a Swedish-American electrical engineer. Gideon Sundback is most commonly associated with his work in the development of the zipper. His name zipper was created in 1923 by B.F. Goodrich, who used the device on their new boots. Initially, boots and tobacco pouches were the primary use for zippers; it took another twenty years before they caught on in the fashion industry. About the time of World War II the zipper achieved wide acceptance for the flies of trousers and the plackets of skirts and dresses.
Google has been already famous for new event of Doodles, Its design doodles according to big event.
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