New BuddyCon Plus Android App For Customize Avatars And Images

Seoul, SOUTH KOREA – UbiNuri Inc., the developer of the popular BuddyCon application for Android, has announced that the latest version of its BuddyCon app, BuddyCon Plus, is now live and available in the Android Market’s Entertainment section. BuddyCon, in allowing users to customize specific avatars and images for friends and contacts, has changed forever the way that users place and receive calls and send and receive texts – and BuddyCon Plus takes things to a whole new level. BuddyCon Plus features all of the original BuddyCon imaging options, and provides more secure and reliable modes for in-application purchasing, installation, and data backup.
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The underlying theme of the BuddyCon line of mobile applications is that communication is changing; and faster than the eye can see. Users seek out advanced modes of interaction, and BuddyCon Plus delivers on all levels. Users can create on-screen avatars and animated versions of their friends and contacts, to infuse the process of modern telecommunications and text-based communication with a whole new element of fun, excitement and hilarity. As the high-tech world pushes forward with advancements every day, the folks at UbiNuri – a leading software gateway to and from Korea – believe that users want more creative progression when it comes to everyday communications.
“Despite the speed of innovation and changing consumer demand, the fact is that the processes involved in telephone communications, and text-based communications are largely unchanged over the years,” said UbiNuri Product Manager, Lena Kwon. “That’s one of the areas we address with our line of BuddyCon applications. When a 13-year-old girl gets an incoming call or a text from her ‘BFF,’ she wants more than just a ringtone or a sound alerting her of the incoming call or message – she wants a whole new level of engagement and interaction. This is almost universally true, and that is why we work so tirelessly to bring to market products, such as BuddyCon Plus, that visually enhance the overall communications experience.”
BuddyCon Plus, compatible with Android 2.2 and above, allows users to customize incoming call/text backgrounds and themes, and to concoct animated versions and avatars of friends and contacts. Users can decide what avatars will wear, the style of their backgrounds and images, and, to take the fun even further, users can even put their friends’ avatars in the middle of games built-in to the application. And BuddyCon Plus is not just about injecting the fun into calling and messaging. There is also a substantial utility element, as BuddyCon Plus makes it more convenient than ever (even easier than speed dial) to quickly get in touch with friends and contacts. A simple double-click on an avatar is all that it takes to call or message a friend.
Additionally, users can share their created avatars and their friends’ images with other users on Facebook, and the app has also proven invaluable for senior citizens and others with limitations and restrictions – who benefit greatly in having the option of making calls by double-clicking on an avatar, as opposed to trying to type in actual numerical digits.

“We are, of course, pleased that our BuddyCon line has also emerged as an important tool for seniors and others who have difficulty with the traditional process of typing in numerical digits,” said Kwon. “That is so important, as well, and speaks to what we are trying to accomplish. There is no reason, in our day and age, for limitations and restrictions when it comes to the process of everyday calling, texting, and communicating.”

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