iPad 3 launched, check it out at a glance!

The much awaited iPad 3 has been launched in the market today i.e. 16 March 2012. This is a short review on it. Few of the features are analysed and some expected and rumored features are missing even though.


The new iPad doesn't looks different from the older one. Though the casing, is slightly tapered, it is not a radical change. Their is a lack of change in design and is not as expected by experts. The new iPad was expected to be thinner than the older one, but actually is of same width which makes it look the same as the older one.


This iPad is of same screen size i.e. 10 inches as the previous one was. Experts expected this iPad would be of a smaller size which increases portability. Amazon's kindle fire (8 inches) is already competing with Apple's iPad (10 inches) as it is smaller in size and increases portability. Even though, Apple fan need not to worry because rumors are strong that Apple would launch a new and smaller version of its iPad in the third or fourth quarter of 2012. Its length, breadth and width are 9.50, 7.31 and 0.37 inches respectively.


The new iPad is not having the processor which many analysts expected. This tablet consists a A5X processor which the company claims is 3 times faster than tegra 3. Analysts expected a A6 processor and Siri's integration in the new iPad. However, there is no mention that the new iPad is integrated with Siri or not.


This iPad is having the model with highest capacity of 64 GB. A 128 GB model was expected by fans and analysts, but Apple disappointed them. Also, Apple has increased 4G file download limit to 50 MB which would fill the 64GB space pretty quicker.


The Operating System which was expected as iOS 6 is not developed yet and the iPad 3 is integrated with iOS 5. However iOS 6 is expected to be developed after Apple's world wide developers conference which would take place in June this year.


The new iPad is having a retina display which makes the iPad look even crisper and more lifelike. Text is razor sharp, colours are more vibrant, photos and videos looks richer


The new iPad features a 5 MP iSight camera with advanced optics, backside illumination sensors, auto white balance and face detection for extra ordinary still images. Not only this, you can record 1080p HD videos from this iSight camera.


The price of iPad 3 starts from $499 and depends upon the model as given below

Only WiFi :-
16GB : $ 499
32 GB : $ 599
64 GB : $ 699

WiFi + 4G (At&t or Verizon) :-
16 GB : $ 629
32 GB : $ 729
64 GB : $ 829

The iPads are shipped and delivered within 2-3 weeks and are limited to two pieces per order.

Apple fans would surely be disappointed and have to wait a little bit for a smaller iPad and a new OS but they are getting a faster, smoother and a smarter processor provided by Apple.

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