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    Mithos New Electromagnetic Super Car

    "Mithos The Electromagnetic Vehicle"

    MITHOS is a future electric motor car  Its Upcoming supercar with instant torque response with its 1.5MW electromagnetic motor (2011hp). its speed is too high can go from 0 to 100km/h in 2.1 sec. And will reach max speed upto 397km/h in 12Sec approx. On demand Quantum Boost Technology can be used, Mithos can magnetically leviate, which relieving the air and ground resistance and reaching its limited top quantum speed of 655km/h.. Batteries of this car are automatically recharged by local Wireless Charging Solution (W.C.S).
    Video Review:


    • Zero Emission Supercar
    • Hi-Fiber Memory Coating
    • Q-Teleporation Ready
    • Instant Torque Response
    • Quantum Boost Technology

    Source: EndPoint

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