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TweetDeck Renames To XPro

Tweetdeck XPro

  • TweetDeck New Name Changes to XPro
  • The brand name 'X' owned by Elon Musk has been included in TweetDeck.

XPro (formerly known as TweetDeck) is a social media dashboard application used for managing Twitter accounts. It was originally an independent app, but was later acquired by Twitter Inc. and integrated into the Twitter interface.

Easily keep track of multiple timelines on one screen. Stay connected with your communities and stay ahead of the game by efficiently organizing and monitoring content in real-time.

The social network made some changes, such as gradually replacing the Twitter bird logo with a simple "X" logo. They also decided to call tweets "posts" and retweets "reposts". As a result, Google and Apple relisted the app as "X" on their Play Store and App Store platforms, and the changes will be fully implemented by the end of July.

According to 9to5 The new branding appears on the landing page (when signed out) and as the site name, but the URL remains, which is the case for as well. (That said, a change might be coming, as redirects you to That might involve a bigger technical undertaking.)

The X logo received priority from Elon Musk for branding purposes, and it was then placed on the Twitter Building in San Francisco.

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