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Google Search Ads AI Grammar Check Feature

Google Search Bar

Are you tired of checking your Grammar? Now your Search ends with Google. Yes, you heard right. Google updated its Search with a new grammar-checking feature.

Currently this feature is only available in English. Simple Type your word with the prefix Grammar check

Like Example

How are you doing? .grammar check

Grammar check on Google

Currently, the feature is only available in English. Google acknowledges that it employs AI systems to verify Grammar but cautions that its accuracy may be less than perfect, particularly when dealing with incomplete sentences.

How To Use Google search combined with Grammar?

According to Google support, to analyze the language, grammar check uses AI systems and might not be 100% accurate, especially with partial sentences.

You can use Google's grammar check feature to check if a phrase or sentence is written in a grammatically correct way or how to correct it if not.

You're likely to get a grammar check result when you include "grammar check" in your Search or if Search understands that you want a grammar check.

The output provided by grammar check verifies if Grammar is correct. If not, it indicates how to correct the phrase or sentence. It can also correct spelling mistakes.

On May 2023, Google Unveiled AI Tools At I/O-23 Event

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