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Apple GPT AI Chatbot Under Testing

Apple GPT

Apple GPT Overview

・Building a unique framework, "Ajax," for LLM development 

・Developing a chatbot called Apple GPT.

・Equipped with AI functions for Siri, maps, and text input.

Apple has built its framework, Ajax, to create large language models and test AI Chatbot called Apple GPT.

According to a Bloomberg report, Apple is quietly working on artificial intelligence tools to compete with OpenAi and Google.

Apple races to build next-generation, Generative AI features to catch up with OpenAI and Google. The company has developed an "Ajax" framework to build LLMs and deployed "Apple GPT" internally. It's aiming for a consumer product next year.

In recent months, the AI push has become a major effort for Apple, with several teams collaborating on the project across its machine learning, software engineering, and cloud services engineering departments.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has been circumspect about the flood of new AI services hitting the market. He said though the technology has potential, a "number of issues still need to be sorted."

Companies have recently announced new AI Developments as follows.

  • xAi announced by Elon Musk
  • LLAMA-2 announced by Mark Zuckerberg & Meta

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