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Cheapest Cryptocurrency to Buy in November 2022

Cheapest Cryptocurrency

In 2022 the world faced a large collapse in the cryptocurrency market that happened in the background of the looming crisis and several other factors. 

In November 2022, there was another considerable market drop after the news of the FTX crypto exchange's financial problems. And again, many leading crypto assets significantly lost their value. For example, today’s Solana price is a bit over $14, Bitcoin is traded at $16,6, and Ethereum is $1,224.

Despite the overall pessimistic mood, we should remember the main investors' rule: buy cryptos, when all around sell it and leave the market when people massively buy crypto. So now is probably the best time for purchasing digital assets, moreover, top-traded coins, at low prices, and holding them long term. 

Since even the market leaders like Bitcoin and Ethereum show low prices now, what to say about less popular projects? Another recommendation from experienced investors states: build your investment portfolio from top assets and small but promising coins. The market offers many cheap cryptocurrency buy under $1. Let's take a look.

Cheap Crypto to Buy Now

We picked the most promising and cheapest crypto projects that have the technology, use cases and good prospects:

  • Dash
  • XRP
  • Decentraland 
  • 1inch
  • Battle Infinity.

Crypto experts predict a bright future for these projects. You will find these and many other cheap and up-and-coming assets on the WhiteBIT exchange. It is a centralized platform that complies with regulatory requirements and provides robust security for users and their funds. On WhiteBIT, you can use different trading tools such as futures derivatives, spot, margin, crypto lending, etc.

The platform has a standalone educational resource - the WhiteBIT blog, publishing coin overviews, articles, and guides on trading and investment. You will find a lot of valuable information on the blog. The platform also offers the WBT token - the native crypto asset that takes part in processes on the exchange and delivers its holders discounts on trading fees. 

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