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Google Adds Studio Quality Lights To Improve Video Calls

Google Meet IO

Google Meet Improves With Artificial Intelligence, Adds Studio Quality Lights To Improve Video Calls.

Google's annual I/O developer conference, the Workspace team announced that they are developing several AI-based features to improve virtual meetings

One of the most impressive features is Portrait Restore, which Google claims can automatically enhance and sharpen your image, regardless of bad connection or camera quality. 

Additionally, Portrait Lighting provides you with a range of lighting options based on artificial intelligence. 

According to Google, the window cannot be moved off to your left, but you can make it appear that you have one on your right. Additionally, Google is introducing a new de-reverberation tool that's designed to reduce the echoes produced by talking into your laptop while at home.

There is a great deal of technology underlying this system that comes from Google's work in AI and machine learning. 

In an office environment with some people working at home, the volume of e-mails, chats, and meetings have increased - so we are looking for more ways to use machine learning to keep you from feeling overwhelmed by information. 

There are seven upcoming Google Workspace features, most enabled by AI:

1. Portrait restore uses Google AI technology to improve video quality, so even if you’re using Google Meet in a dimly lit room using an old webcam — or maybe you’ve got a bad WiFi connection — your video will be automatically enhanced.

Google AI Portrait Restore

2. Introducing portrait light: This feature uses machine learning to simulate studio-quality lighting in your video feed, and you can even adjust the lighting position and brightness.

Portrait Light

3. Adding de-reverberation, which filters out echoes in spaces with hard surfaces, so it sounds like you’re in a mic-ed up conference room even if you’re in your basement.

4. Live sharing will sync content that’s being shared in a Google Meet call and allow participants to control the media. Whether you’re at the office or at home, the person sharing the content or viewing it, participants will see and hear what’s going on at the same time. Our partners and developers can use our live sharing APIs today to start integrating Meet into their apps.

5. Earlier this year, we introduced automated built-in summaries for Google Docs. Now we’re extending auto-summaries to Spaces so you get a helpful digest of conversations you missed.

6. Later this year, we're bringing automated transcriptions of Google Meet meetings to Google Workspace, so people can catch up quickly on meetings they couldn't attend.

7. Many of the security protections that we use for Gmail are coming to Google Slides, Docs and Sheets. For example, if a Doc you’re about to open contains phishing links or malware, you’ll get an automatic alert.

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