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How to Choose an Online Marketplace for B2B

Online Marketplace for B2B

How to Choose an Online Marketplace for B2B

B2B marketplaces have established themselves quite well and they provide excellent platforms for wholesalers, sellers, and buyers to trade. An online marketplace for B2B should enable your business to scale up and grow rapidly, but one has to know how to choose the best to find the necessary support.

Luckily, there are many options for online marketplaces for B2B such as Virto Commerce, Alibaba, Amazon Business, IndiaMart, and eWorldTrade, among others. So, the big question is, how do you determine which one is best for you? 

Read on to learn more.

Look for Elaborate Search Navigation

The best online marketplace for B2B should have a detailed search feature. Customers are always looking for an easy way to locate what they want in a marketplace like vendors, products by price or brand, and many other options.

So, when looking for a marketplace to subscribe to, ensure that it has a filter with all of these options. You could make an inquiry from the developers of the marketplace or do detailed research if you are not sure to avoid disappointments.

Look for Integrations

Businesses are now thriving because of digital solutions. E-commerce uses numerous digital solutions to succeed. Hence, the online marketplace for B2B you choose should seamlessly work with internal and external digital solutions to help your business grow.

Integrations also allow your business to use a single package e-commerce platform to minimize a lot of functions and promote efficiency in business operations.

Check the Self-Service Function

Customers prefer to place orders by themselves rather than call a customer service representative. Therefore, choose an online marketplace for B2B that will allow your customers to place orders 24/7 and have them processed within the stipulated time.

Fortunately, Virto Commerce opens you to such opportunities and more. You can check out their self-service options, which will definitely wow any customer who interacts with it.

Ensure Multi-Vendor Capability

What is the essence of subscribing to an online marketplace for B2B that does not allow you and other merchants to control your information? Obviously, there is none. If you are looking for an e-commerce platform to help you grow your business, make sure you can add products and edit information related to your B2B enterprise with ease.

This will give you an opportunity to add new products that you introduce to the business, remove those you no longer want to sell, change prices, and do a lot of other edits with ease. It is the key capability of an online business.

Ensure Data Security

The online marketplace for B2B collects and manages millions of bytes of data that must be protected every minute, so security and confidentiality are vital. So, how can you know that the marketplace keeps data secure?

Make sure they emphasize this and also look at the brands they have served before or are currently serving. If they work together with big brands, it means they can be trusted.


A good online marketplace for B2B should be user-friendly to both the wholesalers or merchants and their customers, who are other businesses. It is worth mentioning that it must have a solution to process numerous orders per minute now that hundreds of sellers are subscribed to it. So, take your time to check well.

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