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Twitter Testing Downvote Replies Feature

Twitter Downvote Feature

Twitter is testing Downvote Replies Feature

The microblogging platform Twitter first launched a test downvote feature for iOS devices last year. Now, Twitter is rolling out the test feature to users worldwide.

At present, the new feature is only available on Twitter's web version. For Android and iOS applications are expected to coming out soon.

What is Downvote Replies Feature?

According to the company, the feature of downvoting replies was created to help understand the types of replies users find relevant in a conversation. 

The Twitter feature will work differently than Reddit, where users can freely see how many upvotes and downvotes a comment has. 

Users will not be able to see how many downvotes there are, but this will lead to the Twitter algorithm being able to understand what types of replies are relevant to them and make those more prominent.

“People who have tested downvoting agree it improves the quality of conversations on Twitter. We’re excited to see how others think of it as it becomes available to more of you,” the company tweeted.

Even YouTube and Facebook considered to adding a Dislike Button.

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