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Google Photos Rolls Out Locked Folder Feature For Android Users

Google Photos is an easy way to keep your photos and videos safe. Many features are available in this, so that users can save their photos and videos in one place.

The facility of Google Photos Locked Folder will now be available in other Android smartphones apart from Pixel smartphones. The feature to lock photos and videos saved in Google Photos was released in June. 

Although at that time Google introduced this special feature only for users with Google Pixel smartphone, but now according to a latest report, Google has started rolling out its Google Photos locked folder on other Android smartphones.

Google Photos Locked Folder is a feature through which you can lock photos and videos saved in the Google Photos folder of your phone so that no one else can open that folder except you. Google had already started this feature for Pixel smartphones but other Android users were also waiting for this feature for a long time. 

Google also announced in September that very soon all Android users will also get the feature of Google Photos Locked Folder. Now this special feature has started appearing in the smartphones of Samsung and OnePlus.

Now you can lock Google Photos

According to the information, the feature of Google Photos Locked Folder will be made available in Android version 6.0 and above. Users will get a notification once this feature comes to their Android device, so that they will know that they can use Google Photos locked folder. Photos and videos saved in Google Photos Locked Folder can neither be backed up nor shared. 

Through this feature, users will be able to easily hide their photos and videos. Screenshots of photos saved in this folder will also not be able to be taken. To view ie access these photos or videos, users will have to enter the device's screen password.

How to use Google Locked Folder

Step 1: Go to Google Photos App

Step 2: Go to Library

Step 3: Go to Utilities

Step 4: Select Locked Folder option

Step 5: Now save your photos and videos by setting a locked folder

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