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YouTube Removes Dislike Counts From Public View

Google's video platform YouTube may soon have a new and very special feature through which users will be able to hide dislikes found on YouTube from others. 

YouTube is changing the way users interact with its service. From today, dislike counts will not be visible to viewers. There is no change to the dislike button users can still dislike any YouTube videos they interact with, but the counts will remain private.

The company is bringing this feature to save video makers from disappointment. This is also being done because the company believes that some people deliberately do this to bring down the ratings of the creators and the channel's videos. Many political organizations are also involved in this, who know and dislike YouTube videos of their opponents.

According to a report, the company is bringing this feature to curb intentional dislikes. Right now the likes and dislikes of YouTube are clearly visible on the makers page. But after the arrival of this feature, everyone will be able to see only the like button.

The company believes that YouTube's dislike button has a negative effect on video makers. The company had given like and dislike buttons in YouTube so that the feedback of the viewers can be found and the response of the video can be known. But it is being used in a wrong way. Because of this, the company has decided to hide the dislike button.

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