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WhatsApp Rolls Out Multi-device Feature

You will be able to run WhatsApp on multiple devices simultaneously

A new update has come in WhatsApp to improve the user experience. After this update, users will be able to access their account across multiple devices. 

The company has rolled out the multi device feature. Now you will be able to run your WhatsApp on multiple devices simultaneously.

With the help of this feature, users will be able to login to their WhatsApp account on a laptop, tablet or any other device with a smartphone. 

Not only this, there will be no need of internet to keep login in these accounts. Both Android and iOS users will be able to use the new feature.

Internet is not required to maintain login

Earlier it was necessary to have internet when login on desktop from Also, the internet had to be kept on the smartphone as well, but now users will be able to access the account on other devices without their primary device i.e. smartphone. 

Web users will be able to send and receive messages over a smartphone without an internet connection. For this, the user has to join the beta program.

Login process on

  • Go to WhatsApp's Settings and go to Linked Devices, there should be Multi-Device Beta at the bottom.
  • Now tab on Link A Device. This will open the camera in front of you.
  • Now open on the device on which you want to open WhatsApp.
  • Here you will see a QR code, scan it with the phone camera.
  • Your WhatsApp account will be logged on that device.
  • Similarly, you can open your WhatsApp account on other devices as well.

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