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WhatsApp Rolling Out Multi Device Feature For Android And iOS Users

The Facebook owned messaging app WhatsApp has submitted a new update through the Google Play Beta Program bringing the version up to In this new update WhatsApp is now making the feature available to those who are not beta testers. 

A couple of months ago, WhatsApp announced the multi-device feature. The beta testers only had been given early access to the multi-device feature by the Facebook-owned messenger app. Using the multi-device feature, users can access the messaging app on their phones and four other devices.

Multi-device support was first announced by WhatsApp in July. Users will be able to sync devices such as a laptop, computer, and tablet, but not another phone. Currently, the feature is limited to one phone per account. Also, WhatsApp was seen testing its ability to support the iPad.

According to a report by WABetaInfo, "In the last few days, WhatsApp is releasing the possibility to join the beta program for multi-device, for people that use stable versions of WhatsApp for Android and iOS. Several people didn’t join the multi-device beta program for some reason: they see it’s a beta program so they understand they might experience issues. Today WhatsApp is working on forcing people to update to the multi-device version, for a future update"

It is an extremely helpful feature since the app can now be used on other devices without requiring users to keep their primary device connected to the internet, something that was quite annoying. Users can now access the service even when their primary device isn't on.

How to enable multi device support feature

For Android users:

  • Firstly, WhatsApp needs to be opened then the three-dot menu icon must be clicked. 
  • Linked devices are then selected from there.
  • Clicking Multi-Device Beta then brings up a panel with options to join or leave the beta.

For iOS users:

  • WhatsApp needs to be loaded, then go to the Settings menu.
  • Select Linked Devices, then choose Multi-Device Beta, and then tap to join or leave beta.

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