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Telegram Announces Chat Themes And Live Stream Recording Feature

Telegram is one of the most popular social media platform which was launched just over 8 years ago. Telegram has made many updates time to time with new features.

Now, Telegram comes up with more new feature which lets you set different themes for individual chats, interactive emoji with full screen effects, see detailed read receipts in groups and record video and audio from live broadcasts.

Chat Themes

Telegram provides dozens of features to organize your chats and customize their appearance from Chat Folders to Animated Backgrounds. Now, Telegram comes with 8 new themes that you can apply to specific private chats. Each of the new themes features colorful gradient message bubbles, animated backgrounds and unique background patterns.

Both you and your chat partner can choose the theme for both sides and make any conversation easy to recognize. Each theme comes with a day and night version.

To set a theme for your chat on Android, tap > Change Colors. On iOS, tap the Chat Header >> Change Colors. 

Interactive Emoji

Yes, of course Emojis are always the best way to share your emotions and feelings. Telegram created a new way of sharing emotions in real time. You can send a single emojis to any private chat, then tap on the animated emoji to unleash a full screen effect.

If both you and your chat partner have the chat open, the animations and vibrations play simultaneously on your devices, so you feel close even when you're far apart.

Read Receipts in Small Groups

Both chat themes and interactive emoji currently only work in private chats. But this update also includes a big change for groups.  In small groups, you can now also select a message you sent to see which group members have read it.

To protect users privacy, read receipts in groups are only stored for 7 days after the message was sent.

Record Live Streams and Video Chats

Telegram hosts millions of communities that can create live events for unlimited viewers. Admins can now record Live Streams and Video Chats to publish them for those who missed the live version.

Admins can start a recording right from the Live Stream or Video Chat menu with options to record Video and Audio or Only Audio. To record video, choose an orientation for the final video file, Portrait or Landscape. After you finish recording or end the broadcast, the file is instantly uploaded to your Saved Messages.

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