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Instagram Reels Extends To 60 Seconds

Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels extends up to 60 seconds from now.

Instagram's Reels has reached a new level. There was a limit of 30 seconds for Reels until now. The limit has been increased to 60 seconds now.

Instagram is photo and video sharing social networking service.

Tweeting about the same the other day, Instagram’s official handle stated, “Reels. up to 60 secs. starting today.”

When Instagram started out, it supported only 15-second reels. It increased the limit to 30 seconds within a month. Insta has now extended the 30-second limit to one minute, after launching Reels a year ago.

In the meantime, Instagram's competitor TikTok offers more features than Instagram, such as three-minute videos that users can record.

Insta also improved Reels by adding a caption sticker, which transcribes audio into text. The feature was previously only available for stories, but now it will be available for reels too. Although the current version of the feature is limited to a few countries, it will soon be rolled out to more countries.

Instagram Reels Timeline 

15 seconds -> 30 Seconds -> 1 Minute 

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