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'Open GoPro' API Announced By GoPro

Open GoPro Hero9

'Open GoPro' API announced by GoPro.

Integration of GoPro HERO9 Black into third-party solutions

Open GoPro is an easy-to-access, limited-support software platform for developers to tailor their HERO9 Black cameras to fit their needs or build it into their product through a wireless connection (BLE or Wi-Fi).

The core capabilities of Open GoPro allow users to craft solutions for:

- Wireless connectivity

- Camera status

- Camera command and control

- Preview

- SD card access

Code samples available for Python, C, Swift and BASH.

Can be used with GoPro HERO9 cameras. You must include the following text on every page where it can be seen by someone purchasing such an item: "This product and/or service is not affiliated with, endorsed by or in any way associated with GoPro Inc. or its products and services. GoPro, HERO, and their respective logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of GoPro, Inc."

  • Faster and more consistent power-on/power-off of cameras 
  • Connection between Quik and the app was improved 
  • Menus and settings now respond more sensitively to touch 
  • 'The Remote' controls the camera with improved reliability

GoPro Launches Open GoPro API

There are steps GoPro has taken to make it easier for third parties to integrate Hero9 into their applications, as well as encouraging the development of an action camera ecosystem, including an Open GoPro API and updated firmware for its Hero9 camera. 

As of firmware update v1.6, the Hero9 Black will support Open GoPro. 

Companies can develop applications using Open GoPro so that users can control their GoPros via voice commands, smart watches, or any other platform.

Companies already incorporating Open GoPro include:

  • Amazfit smartwatches: wirelessly control your GoPro using the Amazfit watch touch display.
  • Centurion Boats: wirelessly control your GoPro via the boat's helm control screen.
  • Orqa FPV Goggles: wirelessly control a GoPro mounted on an FPV drone using the Orqa FPV. Connect app and see camera status directly in the goggles.
  • Pixellot sport broadcasting: wirelessly control GoPro cameras and manage the transfer of content via Pixellot's mobile platform.
  • Sena Bluetooth® devices: take voice-control of your GoPro using the built-in mics on the Sena Communications 50S and 50R headsets, ideal for motorcycle and other high-wind applications.

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