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Apple's World Wide Conference (WWDC 2021) Key Points

Apple is hosting its World Wide Conference (WWDC 2021) event virtually. The company has released the preview of iOS 15 for its developers. 

After testing, it will be released for other users. Soon your iPhone will work as a digital ID at US airports. The event will run from 7 to 11 June. Let's see the key announcements made in the event.

iOS 15 

Apple has released iOS 15, the latest version of the iPhone operating system. There are several improvements in the new iOS update, including improved FaceTime.In addition to spatial audio, FaceTime has portrait mode, which blurs the background, and a grid view, which lets you speak to others at the same time. In addition, users can share their screen or music via a new feature called ShareTime. With the new FaceTime support, Android and Windows users now have access to FaceTime. 

The iMessage app will also be redesigned. The messaging application, which is only available on Apple devices, lets you create galleries from photos. Sharing with you is a new feature that saves links that are sent to you and stores them in one location. You can use it with  Safari, Apple Music, Apple TV, and Apple Podcasts.

Notifications in iOS 15 are also redesigned based on activities. With the new design on the lock screen, notifications are now more visible. In the new Focus feature, users will be able to set different notification preferences based on their current situation, like whether you are driving, working, or sleeping.

iPhones get improved cameras with iOS 15, including Live Text, which detects and scans text on a photo automatically. Another feature called Memories uses machine learning and AI to combine photos into galleries and adds music from Apple Music. Additionally, Apple has updated its Maps software with 3D data. The map now includes additional details about the city and turning lanes. 

iPadOS 15

iPadOS 15 also getting many new features like iOS. Like iOS, iPadOS is getting a ton of new features. iPadOS 15 allows users to rearrange apps by placing widgets on the screen, and App Library, announced for iOS last year, automatically organizes apps. 

A multitasking interface was also introduced by Apple, allowing users to run two apps simultaneously. Users can now use the Apple Pencil to jot notes using a new feature called Quick Notes. The Translation app has also been updated.

iPhone ID will work at airports soon

Apple has announced an update for its Wallet app. With this update, you will be able to use your iPhone as a digital ID at US airports. The company showed you how to scan a driver's license or state ID in US states. Which will then be encrypted and stored in the secure enclave of the iPhone.

The company says it is working with the TSA to allow the iPhone to be used as identification at airport security checkpoints. They are working to allow hotels to have room keys through Apple Wallet with which you can collect the key of the room before reaching the hotel. Home keys and work keys were also announced in the Wallet app.

Apple Siri will work without internet

Apple's digital assistant Siri will now process audio on-device by default. That is, you can use it without internet connection. The company says that the upgrade series will be more responsive.

Apple says that the use of Siri on audio devices will become more private. It implements the company's Well Stabilized preference to implement machine learning features on the device, instead of sending data to the cloud.

WatchOS 8 announced with new health features

Apple has announced watchOS 8, the company's latest OS for the Apple Watch. The new software is an upgraded version of last year's watchOS 7. It is going to be the first one available for developers to test their apps. Later it is expected to be released to all users.

Apple is launching a new mindfulness app. The Breathe app inspires you to breathe throughout the day. It is adding new animations and other features to help you relax.

Now, HomePod Mini is a stereo speaker

Apple is tightening the HomePod Mini's integration with Apple TV. Users will be able to ask the HomePod Mini to play music or movies on Apple TV later this year. With the new HomePod Mini, Apple TV users can use them as stereo speakers. It was previously only available on the original HomePod.

New privacy features

Apple is adding new privacy features to its products. For instance, Google is adding tracker-blockers to its Mail app, which essentially hides your IP address and location. Additionally, the company will add an App Tracker Report to settings, so users can see how much data apps used in the past week.

Apple has announced a new service called iCloud+. iCloud+ is meant to increase online privacy by including additional features.  The main feature of iCloud+ is Private Relay, which essentially routes web traffic through two separate servers, just like VPN.

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