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Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge And Mozilla Firefox Will Merge With Google Chrome

Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox will now work together. These tech companies have always been each other's competitors, they will now work together to improve the user experience. According to a report by Cnet, these companies will work together to improve the extension in the browser.

The extension has been added to the top browser which can be downloaded to enhance the experience of all the users. According to the report, the companies have announced to come together in the World Wide Web Consortium.

Search will get more results

One of the major reasons companies work together is to make extensions easier for developers. The consistent model will be the common core of the API and permissions. Apart from this, companies are planning to secure browsing through extensions. 

The browser team of these four companies will outline an architecture that enhances performance. which cannot be misused. It would be totally safe. Searching with this will give more results, now it may take time to reach the users. All browsers and developers are working on this.

Coming together will make surfing safe

Companies have asked engineers to mix all four search engines together and create more secure extensions. In the last few years, a similar model will be worked out in a large scale for extensions. So that it can work on multiple browsers simultaneously. With this the company will get an online platform Web Extensions Community Group.

The Whatcom Emergency Communication Group (WECG) will now explore how browser vendors and other parties can work together on a common browser extension platform

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