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PUBG Is Coming Back As Battlegrounds Mobile India

South Korean video game developer Krafton has announced the launch of Battlegrounds Mobile India. This is a new version of PUBG. This multiplayer mobile game provides AAA multiplayer experience with exclusive in-game events, outfits, and features. The game will be available for free on mobile devices.

Playing Battlegrounds Mobile India gives the warlike feeling. Its pre-registration will be available before its launch. The new game will be available exclusively in India, and its logo will feature a tri-color design to attract Indian mobile gamers.

“Krafton will collaborate with partners to build an esports ecosystem while bringing in-game content regularly, starting with a series of India specific in-game events at launch, to be announced later,” the company said.

Krafton will work with its partners to ensure data security at each stage, prioritizing privacy and data security. It will ensure that the rights of privacy are respected and that the collection and storage of data in accordance with the laws applicable to players in India will be performed.

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