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Google Rolling Out 'Save To Photos' Button For Gmail Users

Google is removing unlimited free storage on Photos from June 1. The company will now provide 15 GB of storage to each user. Google is rolling out a new tool that will enable users to upload images directly to Google Photos without downloading them. 

The company has brought a new 'Save to Photos' button for Gmail users. With the help of this, users will be able to save photos of their mail attachments directly to Google Photos.

The new feature works only on photos sent in JPEG format. There is no information about when you will be able to save the format of all types of photos in Google Drive. However, the feature has been rolled out. It can reach all users within 15 days.

Google removed the sync between Google Photos and Google Drive in 2019. Gmail users were previously able to save any attachments directly to their Google Drive. And now you will be able to save Gmail photos in Google Drive once again with these features. The 'Save to Photos' button is given next to the 'Add to Drive' button.

Only JPEG images on Gmail will go to Google Photos. Other formats have to be manually saved in Google Drive. According to Google's blog, 'this feature will remain 'ON' by default. To upload any JPEG photo to Google Photos, you need to select the Save to photos button next to Add to Drive.

Google Photos Vice President Shimrit Ben-Yair said in a blog that most of you depend on Google Photos to store your memories. It is not only a great product but also caters to your needs in the long run. More than 4 trillion photos have been stored in Google Photos app. 28 billion new photos and videos are uploaded here every week.

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