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Telegram Introduces Payments 2.0, Scheduled Voice Chats And New Web Version Updates

Telegram app has received several updates simultaneously: payment 2.0 for all telegram chats, voice chats, scheduling, mini profile, new telegram apps for web browsers, and much more. Android users will also see new animation with the update.

Payment 2.0

Telegram first started to support payment in 2017. Paying through payment bots allowed users to make payments without leaving the app. Now, merchant can natively accept credit card payments in any chat, by relying on 8 integrated third party payment providers.

For this, Telegram takes no commission and stores no payment information. Credit card information is sent directly to the payment provider and shipping information is shared with the merchant so they can send you your goods.

Scheduled Voice Chats

The Voice Chat feature allows users to catch up with a few friends or watch massive broadcasts with millions of listeners. Members of groups and channels can now schedule a voice chat at a specific time and day instead of creating one right away.

Admins can schedule a Voice Chat from their Group or Channel's profile page. 

On Android, tap : > Start Voice chat > Schedule Voice Chat. On iOS, tap the Voice Chat button and select Schedule Voice Chat.

Mini Profiles for Voice Chats

Now you can expand profile pictures and bios to find out more about the person you're talking to in a voice chat without leaving the window.

You can also edit your bio and change your profile picture without leaving the chat.

New Web Versions

Telegram adding two new fully featured web apps which supports animated stickers, dark mode, chat folders, and many more.

With the new web versions, you can access your chats on any device desktop or mobile. These apps are easy to use, requiring a 400 KB download (less than two photos of a medium-sized cat) and no installation.

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