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Sony Unveils Reon Pocket 2 Wearable Air Conditioner

  • These devices will keep the body cool
  • Can be wearable with clothes
  • It Will keep the body warm during winter

Summer has begun and in such a situation, to keep you cool in this season, Sony has launched Reon Pocket 2 Air Conditioner. This is a wearable device. This is an upgraded version of the Reon Pocket launched last year. The new model is the same as the old model. With the help of this AC device, the body can be cooled and warmed.

The company says that the new version will get excellent cooling. It absorbs body heat. It is operated through a smartphone. It cools and heats the surface of the body by touching the AC with the body.

Sony Reon Pocket 2 AC features 

The company says that the Reon Pocket 2 operates through the smartphone and touches the body to cool and heat the surface of the body.

It is designed such that, it is sweat-proof and drip-proof. This device uses stainless steel to cool and heat, when comes in contact with the body.

The size of this device is smaller than the smartphone. It is fitted on the backside of a shirt or t-shirt. It can also be worn inside clothes.

Sony Reon pocket 2 AC price

The starting price of this pocket air conditioner is 14,850 yen (about 10,300 rupees). However, the company has just launched this wearable device in Japan. That is, it will be available only in the Japanese market.

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