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Google Releases "Stack App" To Scan And Organize Documents Into PDF

A stack app is designed to scan documents which helps to better organize files.

Google's in-house incubator Area 120 has rolled out an app named Google Stack. With the help of the stack app, users will be able to scan and organize their documents. This app will work in the same way as Cam Scanner and Microsoft Lens. The document scanner app uses Google's DocAI. It is currently available for Android users only in US.

According to the company, the app can easily scan a range of differently sized documents and this can include shopping receipts, bills and IDs. All these documents are converted into PDFs and seamlessly organized. The app with the help of AI technology can organise according to the important information from within the file.

The idea for Stack comes from Christopher Pedregal, who previously co-founded the edtech startup Socratic, which was acquired by Google back in 2018. 

How To Use

Take a photo of a document and Stack will scan it, automatically name it for you, and suggest the right category or “stack,” as we call them for you to store it in. Stack will identify important information in your documents (such as “due date” or “total amount due”) and pull it out to make it easier to find and access. You can also search through the full text of your documents (not just the title) to quickly find what you need.

Stack uses Google's advanced security and sign-in technology to protect your documents. For extra protection on your phone, you can require a scan of your face or fingerprint every time you unlock the app. Stack can also automatically save a copy of your documents to Google Drive.

App developers have not given any information about how long this app will be rolled out for other countries. The founder of the stack has said that the development of the app is still at an early stage.

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