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Facebook Introduces Instagram Lite App For 2G And 3G Users

Users from 170 countries including India will benefit from this app

There is a good news for those users who were unable to use Instagram in their smartphones.  For those users, Facebook has launched the Instagram Lite app in 170 countries around the world including India.

It will work in the areas where internet speed is very slow and at the same time, it will be able to run on 2G, 3G networks. Its downloading size is just 2 MB. It has just been launched for Android Users.

The company said that it has launched in 170 countries including India, Africa and Latin America. The large population of these countries neither have smartphones nor fast internet facility. 45% mobile users in India do not have 4G smartphones. These users are using 2G and 3G services. For such users, Instagram Lite app will be very beneficial.

Instagram Lite Features

Features included in the app are short video feature reels. To keep performance reliable, the team removed much of the ornate, data-rich animation, such as cube transitions and the AR filters people can apply to faces. However, they kept features that could deliver joy with less data, like GIFs and stickers.

Some icons in the Instagram Lite app have been removed which are not necessary for new digital users. Testing of the new Instagram Lite app started in India in December 2020.

Instagram Lite app is much lighter than regular version. The regular version size of Instagram is 30 MB. It takes space in the phone. It also needs 4G speed to run optimally. Instagram is an app where users post their photos and videos. In this case, if the phone has slow internet speed, then the app works very slow. At the same time, fast internet is also necessary for viewing photos or videos of other users.

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