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5 Pro Tips For Mac Users in 2021

Mac Users

If you’re a new Mac user, you might be wondering how to get the most oomph out of your new device. Macs are fast, intuitive, and generally user-friendly, but not all of Mac’s capabilities are well known to users.

To get you started, here we go over 5 pro tips for Mac fans, including safety and security measures and ways to boost your productivity.

Let’s begin by reviewing how to protect your device.

1. Protect your device

You’ve spent good money on your new computer, so it only makes sense to ensure its safety.

While Macs have historically been immune to many of the digital nasties that plague PCs, the times are changing and Mac threats are on the rise. In fact, some research shows that Mac-based threats increased by 400 percent recently.

  • Install and use a high-quality, third-party antimalware solution.
  • Using a Mac VPN whenever you’re online is an excellent way to shield your activity from would-be snoops and hackers. Always use a VPN when you connect to public WiFi networks.
  • Make use of your Mac’s in-built security suite, such as FileVault disk encryption.
  • Keep your Mac’s operating system updated so any security flaws or vulnerabilities are patched.

2. Harness the power of Preview

Did you know that you can use Preview to quickly and easily add your digital signature to documents? It’s fast and simple and you barely need to leave Mail. 

Open the emailed document you need to sign in Preview. Next, click on the icon of a pencil you can see at the top. Then, click the signature logo. If you don’t have a digital signature already saved, use your iPhone to create one. This can then be added to documents that need your signature.

3. Dual monitor with your iPad

One thing we love about Apple’s products is that they all work together seamlessly, and that’s clearly evidenced by this Mac and iPad trick. Make your iPad into a second monitor via Sidecar, providing your iPad is running iPadOS 13 and over and your Mac has macOS Catalina or newer.

First, place your iPad close to your Mac then turn on Sidecar by going to Control Center followed by Display. Next, select your iPad which should be a visible option. 

4. Move between devices easily with Universal Clipboard

Started an important task on your iPhone then realized you’ll need to continue it on your Mac instead? If so, you can harness the power of Apple’s Universal Clipboard. So long as your devices are physically close to each other, you can copy the text on your phone and then paste it into a document on your Mac.

It’s part of Apple’s much-lauded Continuity feature, which also includes continuity between apps and devices.

5. Share your iCloud folders

Apple’s cloud storage contains far more functionality than you’d expect. For example, did you know you can invite others to view and share any iCloud folders you’ve created? This feature world much like Dropbox or Google Drive, except it’s entirely free, and you can collaborate with others quickly and easily without paying for third-party cloud storage.

We hope these tips help you get the most out of your new Mac computer in 2021 and beyond. Don’t forget to take steps to secure your device so that it stays healthy and functional — and so that you can discover even more Mac tricks and tips!

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