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Oppo Introduces Wireless Charging Technology

Chinese smartphone company Oppo has introduced its new wireless charging solution. The special feature of this technology is that the device starts charging in the air itself. 

That is, when the device is at a distance of 10 cm from the charger, charging will start. However, this technology is for the company's upcoming rollable concept smartphone.

Up to 7.5 Watt charging speed will be available

The company said that this charger also works on or off axis. You can charge a smartphone at a time without the help of a charging stand or cable.

In November 2020, the company shared a video clip showing the rollable smartphone charging over the pad. Oppo Technology offers charging speeds of up to 7.5 watts.

Last month, Xiaomi introduced the brand new charger under the name Mi Air Charge Technology. It was able to charge devices within a radius of a few meters. Remote charging technology is capable of 5 Watt remote charging for a single device. Apart from this, many devices can also be charged at the same time. These devices should have 5 watt charging support.

Mi Air Charge works on remote charging technology, in which the smartphone starts charging in your hand just a few feet from the charger. 

The special feature of this charger is that if there is a wall or some other obstruction in the middle of the charger, yet this technology works. Prior to this, Motorola has also shown one of its smartphones by charging from a distance of 100 centimetre.

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