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Google Is Working On An Anti-Tracking Feature For Android - Report

Last year Apple introduced a new App Tracking Transparency feature which require developers permission to collect device IDs for advertisers with the upcoming iOS update. 

This feature requires app developers to take user permission to track them for ad targeting. Google is now said to be working on a similar feature.

According to a report by Bloomberg, The tech giant Google is also working on an anti-tracking feature to limit data collection and cross-app tracking on Android. 

The search engine giant could introduce the new privacy feature in Android 12. However, unlike Apple, Google is working on a less-stringent method to limit data collection and tracking on Android.

Google is reportedly trying to find a way to implement a similar feature that is not so rigorous as to balance consumer privacy requirements with the financial needs of developers and advertisers.  

According to the information organization, the company is interested in helping advertising partners, as it has earned more than $ 100 billion in annual advertising revenue over the past few years. The feature is being tested and is still in its early stages of development.

Google is also working on a new privacy standard for the web called Privacy Sandbox. The tech giant developed a technology under Privacy Sandbox that lets advertisers target groups of people with similar interests instead of individuals. The report states that Google has not decided when, or if, it will go ahead with the changes.

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