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Intel Introduces RealSense ID Facial Recognition System

Intel RealSense

  • It comes with anti-spoofing technology
  • It uses two camera lens and sensors 
  • Can be used with ATMs and Smart lock

Intel introduces the Facial Recognition System with RealSense ID. This will identify the user's face and unlock smart devices immediately. 

This technique uses an active depth sensor. The company claims that this technology will not make any mistake in identifying the user's face. It is completely safe and accurate.

This Face ID system will work with multiple devices. With this, you will be able to access many things like a smart lock, ATM, gate access control. In the first quarter of the year ( From March) it will start its selling. It will be sold in many countries including India.

 What is Facial Recognition System

 A facial recognition system is a technology capable of matching a human face from a digital image or a video frame against a database of faces. It is a biometric system that identifies a person by the combination of their face, and eyes. In this, all the elements of the face, especially the eyes are read.

The 3D image of the face is then created for identification and saved in the database. This technique was invented by a team of American scientists : Woody Bledsoe, Helen chan Wolf and Charles Bisson.

Intel RealSense ID Features

  • Intel RealSense ID uses two camera lenses and sensors. They capture the face to the depth. According to Intel, there is a risk of theft of user ID by traditional authentication methods. This is the reason why companies and people are now adopting face authentication technology.
  • Intel RealSense ID has inbuilt anti-spoofing technology to protect against false entry attempts using photographs, videos, or masks, as per the company. It claims to provide a one-in-a-million false acceptance rate.
  • The Face ID-like technology adapts to users over time as they change physical features, such as facial hair and glasses, as per Intel. The company says that RealSense ID combines depth with a specialized neural network, a dedicated system-on-chip, and an embedded secure element to encrypt and process user data quickly and safely.
  • Intel stated that the process of face registration in RealSense ID is easy. No network or other setup is required for this. In this technology, the data of the user's face is fully encrypted.

Intel RealSense ID price and availability

  • Intel RealSense ID F455 Peripheral is priced at $99 ( Rs. 7,300). Intel RealSense ID F450 Module is available in a 10-pack and is priced at $750 (Rs. 55,100).
  • It is available for pre-order right now and will be shipped in the first week of March.

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