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Google Alternative 'NEEVA' Ad-free Private Search Engine Coming Soon

Google has faced several competitors throughout its time but none of them succeeded in overtaking it. There are many search engine present but Google still maintains about 90% of the search market.

A new search engine made by two Indians will soon be available as an alternative to Google. Sridhar Ramaswamy and Vivek Raghunathan, an IIT alumnus and Google's X-employee, will launch "Neeva" search engine as an ad-free and private search product this year. This will be a paid product.

We built Neeva to feel like your personal corner of the web, designed specifically for you always ad-free and private. Our mission is to serve our users, and only our users. Said by Neeva's Founder.

Neeva is an ad-free search engine that requires a subscription to use. It can be linked to personal accounts like Microsoft Office, Dropbox, or Google. Outside of just searching the web, users are also able to search their personal documents such as emails, presentations, and more.

The company says that the upcoming search engine will allow users to directly search for personal data stored on services like Dropbox and email accounts. It will use AI and machine learning similar to Google to provide a personalised experience; however, it guarantees that "the product and company are designed so that personal data is indexed to serve your results, and for nothing else.

Ramaswamy says, "The relentless pressure to maintain Google’s growth, he said, had come at a heavy cost to the company’s users. Useful search results were pushed down the page to squeeze in more advertisements, and privacy was sacrificed for online tracking tools to keep tabs on what ads people were seeing.”

Neeva will initially be free and then cost “less than $10 per month,” with the ambition of lowering the price as more subscribers join. Search is the gateway to the world’s information, and Neeva helps you experience the Internet in a new way free of distractions, prying eyes and frustration.

About Users' data security and regarding personal data, Ramaswamy says, we guarantee that the product and the company are designed in such a way that personal data is indexed only for better results, and not for any purpose.

We have formed company for customers only. We want to ensure that it is a revenue source company. The company also says that the data will never be sold in any form. And the search history will be removed by default after 90 days. (Google removes the search history by default after 18 months).

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