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Apple Will Launch Foldable iPhone Soon - Report

In the new year, many companies are preparing to launch their foldable smartphones. Foldable phones from Samsung, Motorola are already available in the Indian market. Xiaomi will also launch its three foldable phones this year. 

In such a situation, the name of Apple has also been included in this list. In the past, there have been reports about Apple's foldable phone. Now, according to the new report, two of Apple's foldable prototype iPhones have been tested.

According to a report by Taiwanese publication money, the two prototypes of iPhones that Apple has made at the China-based Foxconn factory include a dual-screen and a foldable model.

Its design can be almost like Samsung Galaxy Flip and Motorola Razor. Apple's second prototype, the clamshell model, may use a flexible Samsung OLED display, according to the report.

Will Launched Next Year

According to reports by Taiwanese publication money, both prototypes of iPhones have passed all the tests done in the factory. There are also reports that the company can use Samsung's flexible display in the Foldable iPhone.

Youtuber John Prosser revealed that the foldable iPhone could be released in September 2022 or 2023. John also introduced the concept of the foldable iPhone, which looks like the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. He said that the work is in the early stages right now. 

A previous report by Economic Daily states that Chinese suppliers Foxconn has sent samples of folding phones to Apple. If Apple manages to make a foldable iPhone, then it will join the list of Samsung, Huawei, and Motorola.

GizmoChina's report claimed that Apple would discontinue the iPad mini after the launch of its foldable iPhone. The reason behind this is that there will be a cross between the foldable iPhone and iPad mini.

The new foldable iPhone will come in the same display as the iPad mini. Its base model can be priced around $ 1,499 i.e. around one lakh rupees.

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